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                             All  About  BouJee Girl Tees

 BouJee Girl Tees is the brainchild of a quite BouJee fashionista that always admired  sexy, form fitting, expressive tees but had trouble finding the right one at the right time for the right occasions. Other tees either were made of poor quality materials or just weren't sexy or expressive enough  so she decided to start her own line.

 It was imperative that BouJee Girl Tees were manufactured with an exceptional quality cotton blend with a hint of spandex that gives the cotton a nice sexy but comfy fit that will be sure to accentuate  our customers BouJee curves but won't lose their shape and form after just one most others.

 While we all know that BOURGEOIS is the proper spelling of what we BouJee girls are...BouJee Girl Tees are all about expression. And expressing the BouJee side of you doesn't mean that we have to be grammatically correct at all times. After all... in the standard Dictionary BOURGEOIS actually is considered less than fabulous but in the Urban Dictionary it means so much more. So we have combined the two concepts and spellings and created BouJee which simply means-down- to earth yet classy as ever and extremely fabulous!

Thanks again for shopping BouJee Girl Tees! You won't be disappointed!




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